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Opp. Malcolm Baug,
Near Farooq School, S.V. Road,
Jogeshwari (West),
Mumbai – 400 102.
Maharashtra, India.

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Series LPA90S Multi-spring pusher seals are designed and qualification tested according to the stringent testing norms specified by API 682 standard. These dependable, engineered mechanical seals are developed to attain extremely low emmissions, ...
We are pleased to introduce Eco Pickled Surface (EPS) technology in association with The Material Works Ltd.,USA. EPS is an environmentally favourable replacement for acid pickling. It has been thoroughly researched, tested and is operating in the USA and Korea. Those locations produce EPS pickled strip ......
We design, manufacture, and install our own acid recovery, rinse water recovery, acid filtration, and water processing equipment worldwide. In many regions we offer local support through our representatives .....

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